BDO co-hosts 2nd annual Healthcare Symposium

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March 16, 2016
On February 26, 2016, BDO USA, LLP, co-hosted their 2nd Annual Healthcare Symposium at Oak Hills Country Club with Bank SNB, Jackson Walker LLP, and Aventine Hill Partners, Inc. The Symposium was focused on cybersecurity issues that have greatly affected the healthcare industry. 

Bill Phillips, CIO of University Health System, began the Symposium by presenting on cybersecurity and the dangers that all companies face when dealing with electronic data.  Bill brought to light many recent data breaches that have occurred within the healthcare industry. Bill illustrated why cyber-hacking is one of the largest threats the industry is facing today. He identified weaknesses within companies and provided tips to assist in educating employees on ways to protect against these exposures.  

Jeff Drummond, Partner at Jackson Walker LLP, followed the cybersecurity presentation by expounding on how data information has become subject to stricter requirements within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). He further explained that focusing only on complying with HIPAA rules can cause a lack of updated policies, procedures and solutions creating an opportunity for hackers into the healthcare networks. All companies need to go beyond the HIPAA compliance regulations to provide increased security to their systems in order to protect patient data.

The Symposium ended with a panel discussion focusing on practical tips to help protect healthcare data. The panel included Jim Bygland, CIO at Bank SNB, Stephanie Chandler, Partner at Jackson Walker LLP, Casey Hall, CIO and Partner at Aventine Hill Partners, Inc. and Maurice Liddell, National Leader of IT Security and Infrastructure at BDO USA, LLP. Bill Phillips moderated the panel discussion, providing insight from his experience as the CIO of a major hospital system. Each panelist was able to provide a unique perspective and advice, such as legal, technical and risk advisory, on different cybersecurity topics. These topics covered responsibilities under the law, security layers a business should be utilizing, providing awareness to employees and preparing to respond in case of a data breach. 

This Healthcare Symposium provided actionable and practical tools, to all who attended. If you would like more information on the services BDO provides to the Healthcare industry, or any other industry, please reach out to Candace Lynch, Business Development Manager. 
Candace Lynch, Business Development Manager
(210) 342-8000