Broadway Bank rallies employees, celebrates work culture

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July 02, 2015

In a grand all-employee celebration, Broadway Bank took the focus on culture and employees to a whole new level with renowned speaker and best-selling author, Stephen M.R. Covey, pumping up the crowd. Covey, the co-founder and Global Practice Leader of FranklinCovey’s Speed of Trust Practice, speaks and advises on trust, leadership, ethics and high performance to companies and audiences across the globe. Still a family-owned bank since 1941, the employees were joined by family members, Broadway Bank directors and the bank’s chairman and CEO, Jim Goudge.

Goudge, unveiled a refreshed mission, vision and values aimed at meeting the expectations of a new culture and generation of employees, customers and also the community. The theme behind the culture of Broadway Bank is "In Good Company" in keeping with the "We’re Here for Good" brand.

"Over the years, our individual ways of thinking, speaking and writing change, so we too are moving forward, evolving and adapting to who we are today and what speaks to a new generation of employees and customers," said Goudge.

The Broadway Bank mission is to deliver the best banking experience—resulting in lasting relationships. The vision is to always be a financially strong, independent, family-owned bank.

As he addressed the crowd, Covey said, "Recent research came out that the most trusted organizations are family-owned." He added, "That’s not surprising. So there is this great strength in this vision of an independent, strong, family-owned bank."

Goudge outlined six succinct values that define the Broadway Bank culture for all employees. They include trust, excellence, teamwork, community, friendliness and creativity.

"Broadway Bank is simplifying our mission and vision statements to better recall them and also to strengthen the cultural values and behaviors in a way that is clear to us so we can model those behaviors and show we are really living them," Goudge continued.

He also explained that Broadway Bank wants to assure the company is unified in theme and message.

"A great culture is something that attracts the right kind of employees to our Broadway Bank family and makes great employees proud to be here and want to stay," Goudge told the crowd of more than 600 employees. "A need for employment is what brings people to a company, but culture is what keeps them there. And we want you to have a meaningful and fulfilling career at Broadway Bank," he added.

Covey homed in on the importance of the values when addressing the Broadway Bank employees, saying, "This is a great place to work. That is a huge advantage in the marketplace . If you start with a great culture, it attracts people, helps retain people, helps you engage people, you can collaborate better, partner better, team better, innovate better, create more; and this company will also do the same thing with customers and with partners and with the community."

Goudge reminded Broadway Bankers that the values that were shared are alive and well today and that they are intrinsically part of the bank’s DNA, the vision, values and sense of purpose that binds the organization together. He asked employees to keep them at the forefront when interacting with customers and each other, as these values give employees something to strive for and continue to put into practice especially when having to make tough choices, or when challenging situations arise that may be beyond their control.

"The hope," Goudge emphasized, "is that these values mean something to you personally and make you even prouder to be a Broadway Banker, now and in the long-term, and that you know you’re in good company."

About Broadway Bank
Headquartered in San Antonio, Broadway Bank was founded in 1941. It has evolved from a small neighborhood  bank into one of the largest independently owned banks in Texas. Today, Broadway Bank continues to function as a family-owned and operated financial institution. Broadway Bank offers a full-range of sophisticated financial services, including personal banking, private banking, military banking, business banking and wealth management. With more than $3 billion in total assets, the highly rated Bank operates 40 locations in San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding areas. Visit the Broadway Bank website at for more information.

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