CHRISTUS Health and CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System Announce Enhancements to Leadership

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February 17, 2015
The continued evolution of health care presents exciting opportunities that allow organizations to create something new.  With the vision to improve the quality and the value of the care we provide and ensure a strong foundation for our health care system for many years to come, CHRISTUS Health recently announced some changes that will reduce our number of domestic operating units from eight to three, which produce roughly $1 billion or more in revenue.  These changes will streamline and simplify our regional organizational structure to ensure we’re making the best decisions for our regions and our system together.  These changes provide the opportunity to fully reap the benefits of being “One CHRISTUS” and provide further agility and speed in our decision-making. 

This change affects the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa region and has prompted several executive leadership announcements.  One of the three operational groups will include CHRISTUS Santa Rosa and CHRISTUS Spohn, and will be led by Patrick Carrier.  Carrier’s new title is Senior Vice President, Group Operations, CHRISTUS Health.  Mr. Carrier has served as a CEO of various CHRISTUS Health regions and divisions for 15 years, and has served as CEO of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa since 2010.  In that time, Carrier has overseen a number of notable accomplishments and has developed a proven track record of building collaborative relationships with physicians, Associates, the community, and other health care providers.

Additionally, Ken Haynes has officially assumed the President and CEO position for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System. In his new role, Haynes assumes the top executive responsibilities which Mr. Carrier held. Mr. Haynes joined CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System in June 2013.  During Haynes’ tenure with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, he has led a number of strategic initiatives, including driving Emergency Room patient satisfaction, admissions, and turn-time, patient intake center improvement process, and has secured outstanding leadership at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio – just to name a few. Haynes joined CHRISTUS Santa Rosa from Saint Joseph Health System in Lexington, Kentucky where he served as the president for three of the system’s seven hospitals. During his time there, he led initiatives that resulted in outstanding year over year financial results.

Pamela Robertson, CEO for the CHRISTUS Spohn region, will remain in her role with the same level of authority and responsibility that she currently has. 

Not only are these two regions close in geographic proximity, but CHRISTUS Santa Rosa and CHRISTUS Spohn have many similar projects ahead of them. Several years ago, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa shuttered its downtown adult hospital to open a fully dedicated, free-standing children’s hospital.  The transformation of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio continues today and has since raised $50 million to support this strategy. Meanwhile, CHRISTUS Spohn is moving forward with a multi-year Master Facility Plan to transform their facilities to better meet the needs of the communities it serves; they have a significant capital fundraising campaign ahead as well. 

Both regions are also beginning to advance population health and medical home concepts as well as engage physician partnerships.

The second operational group includes CHRISTUS Louisiana and CHRISTUS Southeast Texas. This operational group includes all three Louisiana regions (CHRISTUS Central La., CHRISTUS Northern La., and CHRISTUS Southwestern La.) as well as the CHRISTUS Health Southeast Texas region.  Stephen Wright will serve as Senior Vice President, Group Operations, and oversee this group.  Wright has been with the CHRISTUS Health system since 1982, and has served as CEO of the CHRISTUS Health Louisiana regions since they were joined together five years ago. 

The third operation group includes CHRISTUS Ark-La-Tex and CHRISTUS New Mexico. This operational group will include CHRISTUS Health Ark-La-Tex and CHRISTUS Health New Mexico.  It will be led by Jeff Puckett, whose title will be updated to Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Group Operations.  Chris Karam, who has served as a leader in CHRISTUS Health for almost 30 years, will continue to serve as CEO of CHRISTUS Health Ark-La-Tex.  Bruce Tassin, who has served as a leader at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for almost seven years, will continue to serve as its CEO. 

The operational group leaders will also join the CHRISTUS Health President’s Council, a group of system executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents, which is responsible for overseeing major system endeavors and ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of the system and the individual regions that comprise it.  The President’s Council will:
  • Operationalize system strategies including population health, international and domestic growth, ambulatory focus, etc.
  • Oversee Compass 2020 results (approve all measures consistent with strategy).
  • Integrate new domestic and international organizations, including leveraging fixed platforms.
  • Provide approval for system and regional consulting engagements to ensure coordination and effectiveness.
  • Drive One CHRISTUS synergies (benefit and service realization).
  • Review the CHRISTUS Talent Map and ensure growth and appropriate leadership to drive major initiatives.