Daily Bread Ministries Provides 200 Thanksgiving Meals

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November 13, 2015
Because of Rudy’s BBQ, Sysco, and The Walmart Foundation, Daily Bread Ministries will supply 200 needy families with meals this Thanksgiving.

Daily Bread Ministries (DBM), a private faith-based food bank, is partnering up with Rudy’s BBQ, Sysco, The Walmart Foundation, and Judson Independent School District to provide 200 meals for families in need this Thanksgiving.

A delivery of delicious Thanksgiving meals will arrive at DBM on November 20th. Each meal will include smoked turkey, stuffing and gravy courtesy of Rudy’s BBQand vegetables graciously donated by Sysco.  This beautiful dinner will be loaded into DBM’s brand new walk-through freezer, funded by a $75,000 grant from The Walmart Foundation. The Thanksgiving meals will serve as the official opening of the new freezer, which will allow DBM to bring in larger quantities of frozen goods such as chicken and vegetables.

Thanksgiving boxes will be provided on November 21st at Daily Bread Ministries’ 163,000 square foot facility off of Rittiman Road, which will soon be transformed into a one-stop Community Resource Center. Families receiving meals have been invited by Judson Independent School District, which is within the Eastside neighborhood surrounding DBM. Having been recognized by the district as needing extra support, families will also be invited to receive additional resources at DBM’s Community CenterThe ministry plans to provide assistance through children’s mentoring, homework assistance and tutoring, sports activities, senior services, healthy cooking and nutrition classes, financial literacy and food assistance, to name a few. In addition, partner ministries will be located on-site, providing the most- needed services to the community. DBM is currently constructing a large commercial kitchen, which will allow the ministry to feed children and seniors on-site, provide job training, and supply meals to partner agencies that feed children during out-of-school times. 
Chelsea Evans, Marketing and Community Relations Manager
(210) 223-4707