Helping chidren in need with Respite Care of San Antonio

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March 16, 2016
Respite Care of San Antonio was founded to provide short-term care for families of children with special needs, so that each member could have a break, regroup, and reemerge stronger. It continues, 28 years later, to offer this support through a full-time developmental daycare and group programs offered at locations throughout the greater community.

Less than a decade into its existence, the board of Respite Care defined another critical need: to serve as a safe have for children with special needs who are victims of abuse or neglect. These children, with their brothers and sisters, are taken into the state's protective custody. Then they are brought, from all over Texas, to the Davidson Respite House and the Najim Family Respite Home Emergency Shelters in San Antonio. Under the loving eyes of trained caregivers and medical professionals, these broken children begin to heal physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

To support the continuation of the healing process for these children with developmental disabiilties and long-term medical issues, Respite Care began its Foster Care program. Its approach is two-fold: (1) to train willing and responsible adults to provide these children with the special care and attention they require; and (2) to support the foster parents by continuing the essential services the children have been receiving, including professional nursing, therapy, and daycare. Through the generous support of the Najim Family Foundation and the H-E-B Foundation, Respite Care has even purchased and renovated homes near its main campus to ensure that support is always available.

Being a foster parent is challenging, but filled with many rewards--especially witnessing a child thrive in a loving environment. If you would like to learn more about how you can be part of a child's journey of healing, please visit or call Cara Magrane at (210) 737-1212 to schedule a visit.
Donna Hinkelman, Marketing/Communications
(210) 313-0827