Kite for SharePoint helps you achieve the impossible

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December 30, 2015
Prism Technologies Group, a Microsoft Cloud focused company, announced its new strategic partnership with Cofactor Computing LLC.
Prism Technologies Group helps people who know they should be looking for better ways to connect and collaborate across any device to be more productive. They do this by using modern and effective collaboration solutions so people can focus on getting their jobs done and not on managing paperwork using tools like SharePoint.
Cofactor Computing LLC is a cloud security software company based in Austin, Texas. Their cloud data protection platform product, Kite, solves the problem of lack of control over enterprise data in the cloud. When moving enterprise crown-jewel data and mission-critical applications to the cloud, Kite provides the following security benefits:
  • Applies proprietary data protection algorithms beyond encryption alone;
  • Moves data protection keys from the untrusted cloud to a trusted environment; and,
  • Allows enterprises to effectively redact cloud data, on demand.
  • Kite is based on Cofactor’s patented and patent-pending technology.
“We are honored to have this strategic partnership with Cofactor,” said Bryan Guinn, president of Prism Technologies Group. “We take the time to make technology easy to understand for all organizations whether they be small businesses, non-profits, schools, state and local government or large enterprises and this partnership will further enable us to protect our customer’s data. We value our customers and feel that these partnerships are what sets us apart.”
The Microsoft Partner Network is designed to equip organizations that deliver products and services through the Microsoft platform with the training, resources and support they need to provide their customers superior experience and outcomes. Through the IAMCP, Cofactor and Prism made the joint mission of the partnership to be the premier global provider enabling businesses to utilize intelligent technology to achieve cost efficiencies and superior operational productivity.